Corona Virus Worship Service Update

This is from Curtis and Steve, and we would like to adopt the same thought process that Liberty’s church of Christ elders have put in place for their members. We think this is a great idea and we want to assure you, we want to take all necessary precautions related to this virus.

Many have asked about worship services both for in the morning and beyond as the state is under a current public health state of emergency. The Elders want to let everyone know that we will be meeting for Bible class and worship, but with that being said, please read the following:

Over the past week, we have seen the spread of the coronavirus/COVID-19 increase with new cases being diagnosed each day. With this in mind, we understand those who are concerned about gathering for church and potentially spreading the virus.

Please know that all of the closures and quarantines are more about slowing the spread so that health care workers and facilities are not overwhelmed with more volume than they can handle at once.

The elders would like to assure you that we understand your concern and want to provide you with the following guidance:

• If you are sick, such as having any fever, sore throat, cough or runny nose, please don’t come.

• For those who are older or very young, especially with other health conditions like diabetes or heart disease, we encourage you to consider staying home.

• For all others who will be attending, we ask that you please keep handshakes, hugs and other close interactions to a minimum or not at all.

• Use hand sanitizer and wash hands frequently.

• Bible school teachers please be observant of all students and if you notice any flu like symptoms, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, please notify the parents and if you have extra hand sanitizer at home please bring it with you so the kids can sanitize their hands.

This is not to cause people to feel uncomfortable or scared about attending, but rather to keep everyone informed and as safe as possible. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact one of the elders.

Thanks for your understanding.